A systematized approach to people management, HumaNET understands and captures the functions of the HR department and processes the same into a workflow .It presents an easy-to-use interface, enabling end to end HR activities to be performed in a time-effort-money saving manner.


HumaNET Starter Pack

Critical management records viz, Employee, leave and attendance fo a small and mid-sized businesses. Provides value for money without compromising on capabilities and features you needed.

HumaNET Enterprise Pack

Integrated flow from Recruitment to F&F, for advanced business needs. This provides strong business returns and outstanding value for money over the time of the application.

HumaNET Hooked Modules

This suits the business modules with basic and little more requirements. I.e. In this you have a option to choose any of your required modules along with Starter pack mentioned above. For e.g. you can only recruitment module along with Starter pack.