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HumaNET enhances the way you do business by streamlining your Human Capital Assets to drive growth and increase efficiency in all HR functions. HumaNET provides a great platform for employee to employee collaboration and is an important media for company to employee interaction.

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  • New version of HumaNET 3.5 is released; Download the product brochure
  • Columbia Asia Hospitals goes live with HumaNET Doctors Portal - a comprehensive and integrated software system built on web based architecture with different sub systems to manage the doctors’ information attendance & leave, recruitment, separation etc.
  • Cobra Legal Solutions LLC, Chennai providing legal support services to law firms and legal department around the world, signed up for HumaNET & payroll
  • KEM Hospital, Pune goes live with HumaNET & payroll for 1300 employees; the system take care of the time and attendance, leave separation, letters & memos and payroll.
  • Zuari Industries, Goa go live with HumaNET