Corporate Overview

Myhumanet is a sub set of Blue Chip Informatics Pvt. Ltd , Founded in 1983. We are pioneers in the areas of business consultancy, and HRMS product development. Blue Chip Informatics is currently serving around 75 corporations worldwide and helping them to leverage benefit through Information technology. We rich domain knowledge in functional areas like HRMS, Manufacturing, Financial Services and CRM. Headquartered in Bangalore, India, it has branches in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and Chennai within India and overseas subsidiaries in Singapore and USA.

The Company employs a staff of around 200+ worldwide. Privately held, Blue Chip Informatics has been profitable since its inception.

Corporate Values and Culture

People are our Greatest Asset

At Blue Chip informatics, we recognize our best peforming employees through our HumaNET software and it has been crucial to our success for the past few decades. The nerve center of all our activities is our proficient and qualified manpower, offering customized solutions and catering to specific needs of clients.

Human Resource Development has been a qualitative force that has nurtured, strengthened and driven each company in the world. In this rapidly evolving world, automation is the key to achieve maximum productivity. So we believe that "people make all the difference" and we need to take care of each one of them, as a result, HumaNET is born.

We give our professionals the freedom to discover their true potential and showcase their talents so we can nurture them. As a result, we have a highly skilled workforce of people who grow with us. We provide real-time professional training to arm our people with the technology of tomorrow and keep them abreast with the latest trends. We enable personal development through personalized training as they get continuous feedback from their leadership. Everything from joining till separation is tracked with our software. Budding professionals can discover their capabilities and grow with the company to become experts in the field.

Our clearly outlined quality policy is the nucleus around which we work towards the ISO 9001 Tick-IT certification. Many believe that software development is an art. But we believe that it is an engineering process where intelligence is entwined with a "dash of art". This belief, coupled with a neatly laid out quality approach propels us towards the ISO 9001 certification with full enthusiasm. So, at Blue Chip Informatics, solutions can take business way beyond your imagination

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