"People Management to People Engagement"

A systematized approach to people management, HumaNET understands and captures the functions of the HR department and processes the same into a workflow .It presents an easy-to-use interface, enabling end to end HR activities to be performed in a time-effort-money saving manner.

What is HumaNET?

HumaNET is a fully web-based software. It can be deployed over the Internet, or within the Office Intranet. HumaNET addresses critical information processes and workflow of the Human Resources function within an organization. (Also known as HRIS, HRMS, HCM, HR software, ERM etc..)

HumaNET provides systematized approach to people management, HumaNET understands and captures the functions of the HR department and processes the same into a workflow. It presents an easy-to-use interface, enabling end to end HR activities to be performed in a time-effort-money saving manner.

Key Modules

HumaNET offers different modules and the key modules includes

  • Employee Self service ESS
  • Managerial Self service MSS
  • Recruitment
  • 360 degree Appraisal
  • Training
  • Attendance
  • Leave Management
  • Payroll

Key Benefits

You get more than what you pay. It is a win-win situation.


Lower HR costs and Deliver better HR services anywhere and anytime


Reduce HR costs by automating routine employee-related processes

No Intervention

Streamlines all mundane administrative HRIS processes without any human intervention

Be Productive

To concentrate on value-creation activities, rather than on routine tasks

Crush Goals

Ensures every employee understands and acts upon appropriate business objectives

Complete HRMS

A Comprehensive HR System which is based on the workflow of all HR process


Align the workforce towards corporate goals by setting timelines


User Friendly software designed to reduce time in user training and encourages regular usage

Key Features

Just a simple, secure and easy-to-use software.

Employee Flow

Strongly Integrated modules (Budget, Recruitment, Payroll, Training, Employee Information till Employees Separation

Detailed Info

Employee Information captured in detail (More than 200 fields captured for each employee)

Track changes

History creation to track each change in the employee information. (Provides accurate employee info)

Manage Escalations

Very strong escalation process on time with options to provide more resources if required.

Easy Integration

Scalable Payroll Integrated with Employee Information, Attendance, Leave, Payslip & eTDS

Generate Reports

Reports for each module including analysis and corrective actions in the organization)

Accomodates Needs

Meets all financial and legal reporting needs of the management

Smart Calculation

Automated compensation adjustment With Employee Information & Payroll

Product Packages

Choose the one which you think is suited for your business.

HumaNET Starter Pack

Critical management records viz, Employee, leave and attendance fo a small and mid-sized businesses. Provides value for money without compromising on capabilities and features you needed.

  • Employee Information
  • Leave Management
  • Attendance
  • Home Page, Homepage Updates and FAQs
  • MIS Reports

HumaNET Enterprise Pack

Integrated flow from Recruitment to F&F, for advanced business needs. This provides strong business returns and outstanding value for money over the time of the application.

  • Employee Information
  • Leave Management, Comp Off
  • Separation
  • Attendance
  • Home Page, Homepage Updates and FAQs
  • MIS Reports
  • Recruitment, Induction
  • Training
  • Travel Management
  • Asset Management
  • Appraisal
  • Reimbursement
  • MDs Desk, Help Desk
  • Library, Room Booking
  • e-appointment
  • HR letters

HumaNET Hooked Modules

This suits the business modules with basic and little more requirements. I.e. In this you have a option to choose any of your required modules along with Starter pack mentioned above. For e.g. you can only recruitment module along with Starter pack.

Customized Payroll

Our Payroll solution has been designed to handle complexities of large organization. Example: Wipro has over 100 components in their pay structure definition. Features include;

  • Formula driven calculator for pay head calculation
  • Individual-Level-Grade pay head mapping
  • User defined IT slabs and sections
  • Salary structure breakup thru CTC
  • Report available in multiple formats

Blue Chip Informatics strength in delivering large critical custom software enables us to be the right partner to customize our Payroll product to suit your unique processes.

Few Examples of large custom deployment; Excise solution for 22 factory locations for Unilever India, Tender management solution for J&J India and six other Asian country rollout.

Few Examples of Custom Payroll projects for companies with 500 - 4000 employees, Toyota India, Wipro (peripherals & consumer care divisions), TVS group, DCB bank etc

Blue Chip Informatics has a strong maintenance support process model; we have software systems supported on AMC on multi year contracts. Example; we have supported Wipro consumer care on their payroll for 13 years, Toyota for 11 years. We managed the Payroll helpdesk support for Unilever India payroll for 3 years (HUL outsourced payroll after that)

Our Approach to deliver your Customised payroll

HumaNET-PAYROLL is a standard software for Indian payroll. We use this product as the foundation for making changes to your environment. Most customisations can be built around the core product, hence we save time and effort in the overall software development time. We achieve software stability in quick time. The core architecture and design of the product provides a high degree of configuration in the payroll engine and enables us to implement changes with ease. Our Quality assurance team works hand in glove with development team right from the start of the changes, till the final delivery. This approach has resulted in number of satisfied clients for custom payroll and we continue to maintain the software for many years.

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