HumaNET gives you a competitive edge to develop strategies, recruit contract manpower, manage their performances in this ever-growing labor-intensive manufacturing industry


Healthcare professionals face incredible amount of challenges on a day-to-day basis and with a perfect HRMS system, tackling problems and managing the welness of hospital staff is a piece of cake.


Innovation, Research and Development is the heart of IT industry and with that said, HR team needs an innovative HR system which effectively manages all the employees of their organization.


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Successul Projects


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Blazing fast and seamless interface as a single HRMS dashboard.

Web Application

Complete Web based Application which can be accessed over LAN or Internet.

Payroll Processing

Whether they're contract employees or the permanent ones, process different payrolls

Easy Excel Upload

Need to enter multiple records at once? Do an easy excel upload faster than ever.

Browser Compatible

No matter the type of browser you use to login, our software is cross-browser compatible.

Income Tax Module

Complying with the regulatory requirements is crucial that's why our software comes with the Income Tax Module.


Flexibility in defining leave period. Attendance module tracks the consistency of employees.


Multiple users can be given roles and permissions to access or update HR and Employee database.


Generate reports for audits, attendance, performance, payrolls, and various other reports to be compliant.


Myhumanet is available as a SaaS where we take care of the Networking, Storage, Servers, Virtualization, OS, Middleware and Runtime so that you can focus entirely on your business. Hosted on a remote server, you don’t have to worry about the hardware and software updates as well as the data security. You don’t need to spend a huge amount for the infrastructure. Just setup the HRMS and access it anywhere over the internet.


We provide MyhumaNET as PaaS so that you can develop or create customized application on your own. Built on virtualization, you can scale the resources according to your business growth. The databases and the web services are integrated so that many users can access development environment without hassles. The flexibility and the speed offered by HumaNET as Paas is a true money-saver.

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